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Composite Arts Magazine

is a quarterly electronic publication showcasing artists and writers who contribute to a dialogue on a theme for each issue.  Seeking a continued communal and artistic conversation among artists at all levels and mediums, we create a space where one can view and consider works that may not be shown together traditionally. In doing so, we host a collaborative exhibition space that exists somewhere between a magazine and a gallery.

Composite is available in a widely accessible electronic format so that it may become a shared platform not limited by physical location. Our publication is distributed for free as a downloadable PDF that can be viewed on any computer or E-reader.

Composite is a collaborative project based in Chicago, Oakland, Austin, and New York City.

About our contributors:

Composite is heavily grounded as a collaborative extension of each of the editors’ respective art practices. Therefore, in the spirit of collaborative projects, we typically work with our contributors on an invitation basis. However, we also accept unsolicited submissions for literature and visual art for artists who we may not already be familiar with but would lend a necessary voice to our conversation. Please reach out if you have interest in working with us in the future, or visit our submissions page to view current calls.

Composite is managed, curated, and edited by:


Zach Clark is an Oakland based artist and designer, by way of Denver and Chicago. Having received his BFA from The University of Illinois Chicago, his abstract paintings and print work focus heavily on color, shape, and texture. Thematically, his work is influenced by his urban surroundings, having driven through every major city in the US and most of Canada, and an unquenchable love of complex carbohydrates in both solid and liquid form. He has trouble coming to terms with being a Californian, and is the founding editor of Composite. His work can be found at








Kara Cochran is an artist, photographer, and crafts-person living and working in Chicago. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2010 with a BFA in Photography and co-founded Composite Arts Magazine in the same year. Much of her work deals with ideas of home and family, and it can be found at









India K is a 24-year-old photographer, installation artist and curator living in Brooklyn, NY. She attended Bennington College, where she concentrated in the arts with an emphasis on photography, painting, and 20th century art. Her work explores themes of nostalgia, memory, and self worth.  She is the founder and curator of Pitch & Rail, an arts organization that strives to bring young artists together and to the forefront. She is also a co-editor for the quarterly electronic arts magazine Composite.







Suzanne Makol is an artist and educator born and raised in Chicago. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Suzanne is currently pursuing her Masters in Art Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Suzanne uses her photography as a way to hunt for treasures, and to explore both hidden and imagined histories. She prefers slow photography processes, and therefore takes many of her pictures with her view camera. Her work can be found at







Joey Pizzolato is an MFA candidate at Spalding University and an Associate Editor at Curbside Splendor Publishing. He lives in Austin. He can be reached at joeypizzolato [at] gmail [dot] com.