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Submission Instructions:

We are currently accepting WRITING submissions and VISUAL ART submissions for our Winter 2014 issue, themed Youth.

Youth. On the surface, it isn’t special; it’s a common denominator that we all share. Yet, we still revel in frequent bouts of nostalgia.  When we’re young, we want nothing but to grow up, and sometimes, after we’ve grown up, we want to return to days when life was nothing more than a small blip nestled on the horizon.  What is it about youth that is so enticing? And what can we uncover about the human condition in its examination?  

We’re looking for writing that probes the issue, that goes deeper than teenage angst, lost loves, first kisses. Absolutely no break-up stories. Capture the magical innocence of childhood, or the confusion of growing up. Show us wonder. Show us the way the world shimmers.  Put us back in touch with that which is now nothing but a memory.  Think Jim the Boy by Tony Earley.  Forget Twilight.  

Proposals should include a cover letter and sample images that also do all the aforementioned things. And please read our submissions guidelines below and on Submittable in full.  Incomplete proposals will not be considered.

Please Note: While we are open to and encourage submissions from people of all diverse backgrounds and upbringings, with this call we are especially interested in work from artists and authors who self-identify as being a part of an under-represented social, economic, or cultural group.

The Deadline for Submissions is: October 27, 2014.


All submissions should be directed to


Further Details:

We ACCEPT all visual art mediums that can exist or be documented in a .PDF format.

We ACCEPT flash fiction and micro-essays or non-fiction narratives under 1,000 words; short stories, and creative non-fiction under 3,000 words.  We also accept novel and book excerpts under 3,000 words, so long as they stand alone.

We ACCEPT poetry in any form.  Please submit no more than 5 poems or 10 total pages of poetry.

Simultaneous submissions are OK, as long as you notify us promptly if your work is accepted somewhere else.

Reprints ARE NOT accepted for publication.  Please only submit one piece at a time and include a brief cover letter and a third-person, print-ready bio under 75 words.

All the theme statements for upcoming issues can be found on our Submittable page.

No monetary compensation is offered for accepted work at this time, but we are happy to offer link love on our contributors page.


Relevant Rights:

Online Rights: We acquire First North American Serial Rights.  Rights revert back to author after publication.

Print Rights: We require non-exclusive rights for potential print issues or anthologies if we ever decide we want to move away from the digital platform we’ve fallen in love with.

Any other questions, concerns, or proposals can be sent to us through the Contact page.


ATTN: Are you a contributor needing to submit your files? You can take care of that right HERE.

Report your response times at Duotrope