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Reader Survey, and some sweet jams

Wesley Willis, rockin on Chicago from heaven


In our most recent issue, No 8 Aberration, we included a link to a reader survey on the second to last page of the issue. We wanted to take a minute to explain why we’ve asked you all for some more information. If you haven’t yet, we hope you take the survey sometime soon. You could even stop and take it right now HERE.


We’re entering into our 3rd year of Composite and are trying to figure out where it goes from here. We’re really happy with where we’ve come from and where we are at the moment, but we’d be lying if we said we wanted to stay exactly where we are at. Specifically, we want to create a publication and community that does more to support the artists we work with, and the art/lit community as a whole than we currently are. Additionally, we want to provide more opportunities and events for both our readers and our contributors to all come together and be a part of the larger community. However, we’re not completely sure where the next step is. We have a few ideas on the drawing board (which you can decipher through the survey), but much like Composite is much without its contributors, what we do doesn’t matter much if our readers aren’t behind it. So, We want to know what you think! If you have ideas bigger than the survey, email us at We would seriously LOVE to hear what you think.

Again, that survey can be found at


As a “Thank You” of sorts, I’ve compiled a playlist of music for your listening pleasure inspired by our latest issue. It’s an admittedly eclectic mix of music, with a heavy lean towards electronic music (much like the issue) but with some songs thrown in here and there from records I was listening to while laying out Aberration, staring at Christopher Meerdo’s pixel maps for hours. The full track listing is below, and you can download it HERE. Feel free to direct any complaints to me directly at


Thanks for everything folks!

Aberration Playlist:

I Am The Lazer Viking 0:45 AN ALBATROSS

Wild Honey 2:40 The Beach Boys

One Life Stand  5:22 Hot Chip One

I Can See It In Your Face 6:48 Pretty Lights

Holy Tears 7:04 Isis

The Ringing In My Ears 4:59 Her Space Holiday

Shuffle 3:55 Bombay Bicycle Club

She Moves She 4:42 Four Tet

Heartless 3:31 Kanye West

Venice 1:43 The Books

Kong 3:58 Bonobo 2:10 John K. Samson

Seventeen 3:58 Youth Lagoon

Bright Lanterns 3:40 The Tallest Man On Earth

Sleeping States 2:50 Gregory & The Hawk Come

Hotel Arizona 3:38 Wilco

Don’t Get Married Without Me 4:12 Punch Brothers

Dark Arts 3:49 Man Man

These Spectacles Reveal The Nostalgics 1:57 The Hives

Freak Out Hell Bus 3:08 Wesley Willis

Live From The Russian Compound 0:58 The Locust


Post by Zach


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