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Zach Clark’s Top Albums of 2012

While music is an artform we rarely discuss in the pages of Composite, it’s hard to imagine the arguably most accesible of mediums of art is ever far from the creative practice. This is of course true for us at Composite. Traditionally while laying out issues, I tend to have an issue specific soundtrack that takes shape (as shared in this blog post about No 8 Aberration).

I dropped out of art school to play rock and roll music, and did so to pay the bills for several years, until I realized I was probably a better artist than musician, as my professors tried to tell me the first go around. [You were right Lin Fife... where ever you are] All this to say, I invest a significant amount of time into the auditory arts, and annually compile a list of my favorite records of this year. This is the first list I am posting to the Composite Blog, but past years can be found with fairly simple investigation via my sporadic Arts blog through my personal site.


Before I fully dive into it, I recognize there is a slight bias in the genres present. While I dabble in many areas, I find the most pleasure in the variety of music referred to quite vaguely as “Indie Rock”.


A full playlist of my favorite tracks off of the following albums is available HERE through Rdio.
[If you aren't using Rdio, especially in lieu of a alternative service like Spotify or Pandora, PLEASE give Rdio a shot. It's UI is fantastic, the sound quality is consistent, almost everyone I know in the music industry uses it as their preferred streaming service, and it's a cheap, really great way to pay a tiny portion towards the music you listen to.]


And now… My top 30 +1 records of the year.


11. Now, NowThreads
21. StarsThe North

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